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What I think, what I do.

What I Think, What I do.
Hi! I'm Gabriel de Sousa, and I created and run GJ media, a place where I can share my thoughts, ideas, and creative works. GJ media's content particularly emphasises written works, but if you're here for other media, I've got many other types of works hosted here for you to enjoy, too.

GJ media is 100% non-commerical, no strings attached. No ads, sponsorships or paid content, everything here is completely free for you to enjoy.

If you haven't visited before, you might want to take a look at GJ media's about page.

I hope you enjoy GJ media!
News and Updates
Another Big Update
Now we're getting started! For this update (the first major one since the revamped site launched), I've added a lot more content, and a whole new section: The Newsroom!
The first Column
My first Column, Worth Writing About, is now up and running. It's about why writers write and publish, and why I've chosen to write and publish The Column myself.
The Column
My thoughts on ethics, philosophy, creativity, law and government.
Visit the Column
The Library
Enjoy original poetry, prose and other writing, 100% free: available to view online anytime.
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The Gallery
Browse through a diverse collection of my non-written creative work.
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Have a question? Use GJ media's contact form to get in touch with me, and I'll try to answer as best I can.
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