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Poem: Gateway to Another Place


- 2011 -

Lift, speeding upwards,
Floor to floor, world to world,
Gateway to another height.

People stepping on,
Crowding in, crowding out,
Waiting, Whispering.

Lift, stopping swiftly,
Opening wide, closing shut.
Moving once again.

People stepping on,
Trickling out, trickling in,
Watching lift rising.

Lift, shooting downwards,
World to world, floor to floor,
Gateway to another height.

By Gabriel de Sousa
Incidentally, this poem was highly commend in the John Betjeman Poetry competition for 11-13 year olds. In retrospect, I'm somewhat uncomfortable with entering competitions, and will have to consider whether I want to do so again in future; but going to the prize-giving ceremony and finding out a bit more about competitions work was certainly interesting. In any case, I'm pleased with my poem, and I'm happy the judges thought there was something interesting enough in it to merit a highly commended.